Celebrating Peacemakers

Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks at Georgetown
Hillary Clinton Award
Phyu Phyu - women's rights activist
The Trailblazer Award
Madeleine Albright speaks at Georgetown
Women in Foreign Policy

Spotlight on Awardees

Phyu Phyu is presented an award
The Trailblazer Award

May Sabe Phyu

Myanmar’s May Sabe Phyu is a civil society activist in Kachin state, which is still a holdout in agreeing to the end to hostilities and engaging in the Panglong peace process.
Monica McWilliams is presented with an award
The Trailblazer Award

Monica McWilliams

Monica McWilliams was a negotiator in the Good Friday talks, which brought an end to three decades of conflict in Northern Ireland.
Iryna is presented an award by Melanne Verveer and William Hague
The Trailblazer Award

Iryna Geraschenko

Iryna Geraschenko is the highest-ranking women in the ongoing process to reach a peaceful solution to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.
Hillary Clinton presents an award to Mr. De la Calle
Hillary Clinton Award

Humberto De la Calle

Mr. Humberto De la Calle served as lead negotiator for the Colombian government and is the former Vice-President of Colombia.
Hillary Clinton bestows an award upon Maria Paulina Riveros at Georgetown University
Hillary Clinton Award

Maria Paulina Riveros

Maria Paulina Riveros was one of highest ranking members of the Colombian negotiating team, co-chair of the Gender Sub-Commission, and deputy attorney general of Colombia.
Hillary Clinton hugs Jineth Bedoya
Hillary Clinton Award

Jineth Bedoya

Jineth Bedoya is a courageous Colombian journalist and advocate for victims of sexual violence.
Hillary Clinton shakes hands with Elena Ambrosi
Hillary Clinton Award

Elena Ambrosi

Elena Ambrosi was the thematic director of the Office of the High Commissioner for Peace and a key member of the Colombian government’s negotiating team in Havana.
Bangura and DeGioia
Hillary Clinton Award

Zainab Bangura

Zainab Bangura was appointed by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon as the Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflic
Alissa Rubin receives an award from Jack DeGioia and Melanne Verveer
The Trailblazer Award

Alissa Rubin

Alissa Rubin has spent much of her 35 year reporting career covering conflict in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans.
Cathy Ashton smiles on a panel
The Trailblazer Award

Catherine Ashton

Catherine Ashton became the first High Representative of EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy in December 2009.

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