NATO’s Highest Ranking Civilian Woman

NATO’s Highest Ranking Civilian Woman

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Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller is the highest ranking civilian woman in NATO’s history and a steadfast champion for gender equality in the alliance.

Georgetown University’s Institute for Women, Peace and Security honored Gottemoeller in September 2018 with the International Trailblazer Award, presented in Brussels. The award is bestowed annually to leaders who recognize the important role of women in creating a more peaceful and secure world.

“NATO has been the most successful military alliance throughout history, but attention to the role of women in security has not always been at the top of NATO’s priority list,” said Gottemoeller. “We know that we at NATO need to do a better job because stability, security, and conflict resolution only come about when women are fully engaged and able to work together with their governments and with us to ensure that problems get solved down to the level of the village and the local government.”

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