The Participation of Women in Peace Processes: The Other Tables

Authored by: María Villellas Ariño

Categories: Peace Support Operations
Sub-Categories: Peace Accords, Peace Support Operations, Peacemaking
Country: Sri Lanka, Northern Ireland
Region: East Asia and the Pacific, Europe and Eurasia
Year: 2010
Citation: Villellas-Ariño, Maria. The Participation of Women in Peace Processes: The Other Tables. ICIP Working Paper 2010/05, International Catalan Institute for Peace, 2010.

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Executive Summary

This paper argues that women’s absence in peace processes cannot be explained by their alleged lack of experience in dialogue and negotia- tion, but by a serious lack of will to include them in such important in- itiatives of change. Women have wide ranging experience in dialogue processes including many war and post-war contexts, but there has been a deliberate lack of effort to integrate them in formal peace proc- esses. After introducing the research framework, the paper addresses women’s involvement in peace, and analyzes the role played by wom- en in peace processes, through the cases of Sri Lanka and Northern Ireland. The paper concludes that peace processes are as gendered as wars, and for that reason gender has to be a guiding line for including women in peace processes.