Heightened insecurity for women in Lao PDR at community level.

Lao PDR slipped 24 places, to 78. The share of women who feel safe walking in their neighborhood at night fell from 70 to 51 percent. Lao PDR reports the third lowest rate of intimate partner violence in the region (6 percent), yet nearly three in five women agree that gender-based violence is justified if women do not adhere to cultural norms, and only one in five women who experience abuse report it to local authorities. Although 82 percent of Laotian women are employed, nearly all (96 percent) work in the informal sector, often for low pay and in insecure conditions. One positive note is rising rates of financial inclusion. Almost 32 percent of women have access to a bank account or mobile money platform, up from 26 percent in the first edition of the index.