Where there are zero women in parliament.

Papua New Guinea is new to the WPS Index this year and ranks 117th. The country is ethnically diverse, with high poverty rates. Levels of violence against women are among the worst in the world. Almost one in three women have experienced intimate partner violence in the past year, more than two in three have experienced physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, and a recent study reported that 41 percent of men have admitted to rape. Few victims seek help, and those who do typically turn to informal modes of redress. In 2013, the government criminalized spousal abuse. It opened shelters and developed a specialized police division for cases of family and sexual violence. However, corruption and mismanagement have impeded implementation.

Papua New Guinea is the only country without any female representation in parliament. The country also has 28 discriminatory laws. For example, in cases of divorce, women are often required to pay back their bride price. While about half of women in the country are employed, women average less than four years of schooling, which is half the regional average. Discrimination and low education are also associated with high rates of maternal death amid concerns about the quality and high costs of healthcare.