GIWPS Hosts Chief Japan Strategist for Goldman Sachs

Kathy Matsui Speaks on Abenomics

On October 7th, Chief Japan Strategist for Goldman Sachs Kathy Matsui joined the Institute to speak about Abenomics and the role of women in revitalizing Japan's economy. This event followed Ambassador Verveer's return from the World Assembly for Women in Japan hosted by Prime Minister Abe.

Mrs. Matsui’s presentation centered on the challenges facing Japan's economy and how the government is putting policies in place to increase women's labor force participation. She emphasized the business case for increasing retention and promotion of female workers within their companies.

Ambassador Verveer moderated a discussion featuring Ms. Matsui and Mrs. Nobuko Sasae, wife of the Japanese Ambassador to the United States. 

The event was hosted in collaboration with the Institute, the McDonough School of Business, the Georgetown University Women's Leadership Initiative, and the School of Foreign Service Asian Studies Department.