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The Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security pioneers evidence-based, impactful research that helps to close the information gap on the effects of women's participation in peace and conflict. 

Peacebuilding & Reconstruction

Women Leading Peace: A close examination of women's political participation in peace processes in Northern Ireland, Guatemala, Kenya, and the Philippines by Patty Chang, Ph.D., Mayesha Alam, Roslyn Warren, Rukmani Bhatia, and Rebecca Turkington

Inclusive Justice: How Women Shape Transitional Justice in Tunisia and Colombia by Roslyn Warren, Anna Applebaum, Briana Mawby, Holly Fuhrman, Rebecca Turkington, and Mayesha Alam

Transforming Justice in Guatemala: Strategies and Challenges Investigating Violent Deaths 2011-2014 by Claudia Paz y Paz Bailey

Women's Leadership and Participation in the Peace, Security and Cooperation Framework for the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Great Lakes Region: Achievements, Challenges and Opportunities by Niamh Reilly and Roslyn Warren

Women and Transitional Justice: Progress and Persistent Challenges in Retributive and Restorative Processes by Mayesha Alam (book)

Women and Transitional Justice: GIWPS Occasional Paper Series Volume 2

Learning to Work with Both Hands: A Close Examination of Women's Political and Economic Participation in Post-Conflict Kosovo by Nerea M. Cal and Rukmani D. Bhatia

peacekeeping & armed Forces

Strengthening the Afghan National Police-Recruitment and Retention of Women Officers by Mayesha Alam, Anna Applebaum and Briana Mawby and the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

Gender, Military Effectiveness, and Organizational Change: The Swedish Model by Robert Egnell, with Petter Hojem and Hannes Berts (book)

An Overview of Bridging Theory and Practice: Peace Support Operations by Briana Mawby

Gender Training for Leaders: The Swedish Gender Coach Program by Louise Olsson and Anna Björsson

Policy Tensions Related to Gender and Peacekeeping: The Need for a Two-Level Game by Margaret Jenkins

A Guide to Implementing Equal Opportunity Peacekeeping by Sabrina Karim and Kyle Beardsley

Climate change & Disaster Risk Reduction

Women and Climate Change: Impact and Agency in Human Rights, Security, and Economic Development by Mayesha Alam, Rukmani Bhatia, and Briana Mawby

A Case Study on Haiti: Making Disaster Risk Reduction Policies Inclusive and related best practices by Mayesha Alam, Anna Applebaum and Briana Mawby

Women and the Economy

Cooperative Connections: Connecting Female Artisan Home-Based Workers through Women's Cooperatives in Jakarta, Indonesia by Andrew Walker

Women's Economic Participation in Conflict-Affected and Fragile Settings GIWPS Occasional Paper Series Volume 1

A Social Enterprise Link in a Global Value Chain: Performance and Potential of a New Supplier Model by Edward Soule, Catherine Tinsley, Pietra Rivoli

Integrating Violence Prevention and Women’s Economic Participation: Lessons from Mexico by Claire Charamnac. Also available in Spanish

Women, Millennials, and the Future Workplace: Empowering All Employees by Tricia Correia

Private Sector Landscape Analysis of Nigeria: Empowering Women and Girls through Partnerships by Alexandra Z. Safir, Tricia Correia, Mara D'Amico and Accenture Federal Services

Security, Basic Services and Economic Opportunity in South Sudan: Perspectives of Women Post-Independence and Pre-Civil War by Mayesha Alam, Ségolène Dufour-Genneson and Rebecca Turkington

Global development agenda

Closing the Gap: Adolescent Girls' Access to Education in Conflict-Affected Settings by Mayesha Alam, Roslyn Warren, and Anna Applebaum

Special Report: The 2015 Nigeria Elections & Violence Against Women in Politics by Alexandra Z. Safir and Mayesha Alam

Protection for Whom? Violations of International Law in Myanmar's New 'Race and Religion Protection' Laws by Chloé N. White

Women Human Rights Defenders in Mesoamerica, Their Gender-Based Vulnerabilities and the Role of the United States by Ashley Binetti


Transforming justice for women in Guatemala by Amb. Melanne Verveer and Claudia Paz y Paz

This time, let’s get disaster aid right for women in Haiti by Amb. Melanne Verveer

Designing a workplace for the 21st century workforce by Amb. Melanne Verveer and Tricia Correia

How to achieve the UN development agenda: focus on women and girls by Amb. Melanne Verveer

Education for adolescent girls in conflict: what's working? by Amb. Melanne Verveer

Sexual violence is a tool of war, but we have the weapons to end that in The Guardian by Amb. Melanne Verveer and Zainab Hawa Bangura

Women are the victims of climate change - and the keys to climate action in The Guardian by Amb. Melanne Verveer and President Mary Robinson

Where Women Are Leading the Peace in Foreign Policy by Amb. Melanne Verveer

Ignore at your own peril: Women are the future of the economy in Financial Post by Amb. Melanne Verveer and Lisa Wolverton

Equality for Afghan women remains a critical goal for President Ghani in Global Post by Mayesha Alam

Adolescent Girls in Crisis in Huffington Post by Amb. Melanne Verveer and Sarah Degnan Kambou

Women's equality isn't a zero sum game. It's vital for peace and prosperity in The Guardian by Amb. Melanne Verveer and Mayesha Alam

Smart Power through Inclusivity in an Increasingly Volatile World in Huffington Post by Amb. Melanne Verveer and Dr. Robert Egnell

Moving the Needle Forward on Women's Rights in Afghanistan in Huffington Post by Amb. Melanne Verveer

Driving Growth through Women's Economic Participation in Huffington Post by Amb. Melanne Verveer

Securing Safe Access to Education for Girls in Nigerian and Beyond in Huffington Post by Amb. Melanne Verveer

Are We Listening to Syria's Women and Girls? in The Daily Beast by Amb. Melanne Verveer and David Miliband


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