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What is the impact of women's participation and involvement in preventing or resolving armed conflicts? How does the inclusion of women's voices shape security? Do women help create more peaceful, stable and just societies? These are some of the central questions that underpin the work of the Institute.

refugee women

There is a dearth of consistently gathered qualitative and quantitative data on the role and impact of women's participation in resolution of conflicts, political transitions, emergency management and post-conflict rebuilding. This lack of reliable empirical data limits our understanding of these relationships and inhibits our abilities and those of others to advocate for a greater role for women and best practices for doing so.  

The Institute serves as a center for knowledge innovation, convening and connecting that leverages Georgetown University's competitive advantage. The following is a list of five broad research areas that serve as parameters for the Institute's activities:

  1. Conflict Prevention and Peacemaking
  2. Peace Support Operations
  3. Mitigation of  Complex Humanitarian Crises
  4. Political Transitions and Statebuilding
  5. Post-conflict Reconstruction and Economic Recovery