Graduate Certificate in Gender, Peace & Security


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The Gender, Peace, and Security Certificate provides Georgetown graduate students with a rigorous academic treatment of critically important but often overlooked issues related to gender dynamics and gendered experiences in conflict and peacebuilding. The international community increasingly recognizes the value of gender-sensitive peace and security efforts, and there is growing demand for professionals with this training. Our certificate equips students with the skills and expertise needed to meet this demand and advance inclusive approaches to policy and practice. It is not designed solely for those seeking careers in gender issues, but also for those whose careers will require an intersectional and comprehensive understanding of defense, development, and diplomacy theory and practice. 


  • Provide essential analysis, expertise, and practical skills on issues in Gender, Peace and Security.
  • Develop theoretical and substantive background necessary to understand, explain, and respond to complex global issues with a gender lens.

The certificate is only available to current Georgetown University graduate students.

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Certificate Requirements

Fulfillment of the GPS Graduate Certificate requires 15 credit hours of gender-related coursework, with at minimum GPA of 3.5 for certificate courses and an overall GPA of 3.2.

Requirements are not consecutive and may be met in any order. Students who have been admitted to the GPS Certificate will be given priority registration for the Foundation Course and Skills Course.

  • FOUNDATION COURSE: Gender, International Security and Development – MSFS 571/GOVT 570. (3 credits hours. Offered Fall & Spring semesters)
  • SKILLS COURSE: Gender & Security Toolbox – MSFS 736/GOVX 536 (3 credit hours; offered Fall & Spring semesters).
  • GENDER ELECTIVES (9 Credit hours): To fulfill this requirement, students can select from a pre-approved list of courses that apply a gender lens to security, diplomacy, development, or International Affairs more broadly. Students may also substitute a pre-approved course for a gender-focused capstone project or thesis with prior approval. Gender-focused internships for academic credit may also be substituted with prior approval. Through petition, students may seek approval for courses not on the pre-approved list or approved substitutions. However, only 3 credits of petitioned coursework may be applied to the certificate. 


If you are interested in pursuing the Gender, Peace and Security certificate, please complete the GIWPS GPS Certificate Application. In the application form, students must outline a tentative plan for completing the certificate requirements. Completed applications should be sent to the Certificate Program Advisor, Dr. Robert Nagel, at

More Information

Students interested in the GPS Certificate can contact the Certificate Program Advisor, Dr. Robert Nagel, at for more information.