Hillary Rodham Clinton Fellowship Program

The Hillary Rodham Clinton Fellowship Program was inspired by the Institute's Honorary Founding Chair and former U.S. Secretary of State. Through the highly competitive fellowship program, three young professionals who have completed their Masters degrees have the opportunity to spend a year working at the Institute in the fields of law or research. The Institute is recruiting for the 2017-2018 fellowships.

The start of the 2014-2015 academic year marked the inaugural year for our Hillary Rodham Clinton Fellowship Program. Read more about our current fellows here.

Hillary Rodham Clinton Research Fellowships

These fellowship positions provide opportunities to two recent graduates of Georgetown University and the Clinton School of Public Service to conduct academically rigorous, practically relevant, policy-oriented research to help close key knowledge and evidence gaps in the field of women, peace and security.

Through these fellowships, recent graduates pursue desk and field research that furthers our collective understanding on women's experiences, roles and impact in conflict prevention, peacemaking, mitigation of humanitarian emergencies, political transitions and post-conflict development.

Hillary Rodham Clinton Law Fellowship

This fellowship position provides a recent graduate of the Georgetown Law School the opportunity to conduct research and analysis on international law, human rights and actions taken by international governmental organizations that specifically related to women, peace and security. The Fellow will track legal developments that shape the advancement of women in peace and security efforts worldwide and publish reports on a variety of topics including, but not limited to, women’s representation and status in consitutions, international doctrines, resolutions, conventions, etc. The Fellow will have the opportunity to participate in meetings with expert practitioners and thought leaders.