Maria Paulina Riveros

Hillary Clinton Award | 03/31/2017

Maria Paulina Riveros was one of highest ranking members of the Colombian negotiating team, co-chair of the Gender Sub-Commission, and deputy attorney general of Colombia.

Maria Paulina Riveros was appointed plenipotentiary government negotiator by President Santos’ government, one of two women on the government team. Riveros brought a gender perspective to the negotiating table, co-chairing the gender sub-commission on behalf of the government, in conjunction with Victoria Sandino Palmera for the FARC-EP. Before joining the team in Havana, Cuba, Riveros was Director of Human Rights at the Ministry of the Interior (2011-2013). Before joining the Ministry, she was named attorney delegate for civil matters, judicial solicitor and director of the Conciliation Center under Attorney General Edgardo Maya. Previously, she was appointed Legal Advisor to the Office of the High Commissioner for Peace, under the government of President Uribe, where she oversaw the demobilization of the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia. Riveros began her career in the public sector in the Attorney General’s Office, as head of the Crime Information Center (CISAD). After the peace process, the Attorney General of Colombia appointed Riveros the new Deputy Attorney General of the Nation.