Ghalia Alrahhal

Hillary Clinton Award | 10/05/2023

Ghalia Alrahhal is the Executive Director of the Mazaya Organization for Women's Development and Human Rights Defender, Syria.

Ghalia Rahhal is the founder of Mazaya Organization for empowering women and a member of the Syrian Women’s Political Movement. She has helped energize a Syrian women’s movement despite threats from extremists, attacks on her workplaces, and the assassination of her son, a journalist. Syrian women leaders say Rahal is one of many local activists who have enabled women to strengthen their representation in U.N.-backed negotiations for an end to the war. In the rural town of Kafr Nabl, Rahal ran a beauty salon and, in 2013 amid the war, converted her business into a center to teach women and girls job skills, literacy and first aid. Today, Mazaya is a network of eight women’s centers, plus five child-care centers, in Kafr Nabl and other towns across southern Idlib. The women’s centers provide nursing and vocational training, job placement and professional development services. The Mazaya organization now produces both a print and an electronic magazine that make the case for education and empowerment for women and girls.