Lyse Doucet

The Trailblazer Award | 02/05/2018

Lyse Doucet is the BBC’s Chief International Correspondent.

Lyse Doucet is known for her coverage of Afghanistan, where she first traveled on Christmas Eve 1988. In 2002, she was the only journalist to accompany the Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, to his brother’s wedding—where an assassination attempt was made—a testament to her deep connection to the country.

Doucet has reported extensively around the region. She has covered all major wars in the Middle East since the mid-1990s, and played a leading role in the BBC’s coverage of the Arab Spring in 2011. From following a group of Mujahedeen militiamen on a nighttime trek, to reporting from the site of the first major protests of the Syrian uprising, Doucet has brought the reality of conflict into sharp focus.

In addition, her reporting has highlighted the way conflict impacts women across the world, as well as amplified the crucial efforts women have been undertaken on the front lines for peace.