Elena Ambrosi

Hillary Clinton Award | 03/31/2017

Elena Ambrosi was the thematic director of the Office of the High Commissioner for Peace and a key member of the Colombian government’s negotiating team in Havana.

Elena Ambrosi has been involved in the Colombian peace process from its very beginnings, and was one of three female witnesses among the 17 signatories to the framework agreement secretly negotiated between both sides in Cuba and signed on Aug. 26, 2012. As an adjunct plenipotentiary negotiator, she was one of eight women from the High Commissioner for Peace’s Office who served as the backbone of the process from the government side. Before her role in the government negotiating team, Ambrosi was the Human Rights Director of the Vice Ministry of Defense, and a graduate of the University of the Andes, where she specialized in international humanitarian law, politics and international affairs. In recognition of her work supporting women, victims, and other minorities during the peace process, Ambrosi was recently named Deputy Attorney for the Support of Victims of the Armed Conflict and the Demobilized, by Colombia’s Attorney General.