A Gender-Analytical Perspective on Trade and Sustainable Development

  • Citation: Joekes, Susan. “A Gender-Analytical Perspective on Trade and Sustainable Development.” United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, 1999, 33–59.
    • Topics:
    • Business and Trade
    • Transnational Issues
    • Keywords:
    • international trade
    • gender
    • developing countries
    • UN
    • discrimination
    • labor market

Work on the gender dimension of international trade in developing countries has mostly concentrated on its impact in terms of the employment, income and welfare effects. This paper presents the main findings of this work. But it also argues that social relations of gender have been a driving force in the evolution of the international economy and, more specifically, that gender discrimination has been a contributory factor to some long-standing concerns about trade and development which have received renewed impetus in recent years.

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