A Gender Framework for Arms Control and Disarmament

  • Citation: Oudraat, Chantal de Jonge, and Jana Wattenberg. “A Gender Framework for Arms Control and Disarmament.” Women in International Security, 2021.
    • Topics:
    • Conflict and Security
    • Keywords:
    • arms control
    • nonproliferation
    • gendered impact
    • women’s participation
    • gender perspectives

We argue that a systematic inclusion of gender perspectives advances arms control and disarmament deliberations and negotiations in four main ways. First, a gender lens calls attention to the human and gendered consequences of the development and use of weapons. Second, it exposes arms control and disarmament agreements that lack gender provisions. Third, a gender lens highlights the absence of diversity in arms control and disarmament communities. Fourth, gender perspectives help reveal hierarchical power structures and encourage critical reflections on the legitimacy of established processes and agreements. In sum, the inclusion of a gender perspective produces more humane, effective, legitimate and sustainable agreements. This policy brief has a twofold aim: first, to demonstrate how gender perspectives can advance arms control and disarmament efforts, and second, to provide a framework to help policymakers and practitioners integrate gender perspectives in their work. We propose a three-P framework—Provisions, Participation, and Perspectives— to guide these policymakers and practitioners.

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