A Strategy for Cybersecurity Governance in Brazil

  • Citation: Hurel, Louise Marie, and Luisa Cruz Lobato. “A Strategy for Cybersecurity Governance in Brazil.” Instituto Igarapé 30 (2018).
    • Topics:
    • Conflict and Security
    • Keywords:
    • Brazil
    • cybersecurity
    • cooperation
    • legislation
    • governance
    • national security policy

This study explores the institutionalization of the cybersecurity agenda in Brazil and seeks to identify opportunities for multi-stakeholder cooperation. It analyzes the key moments and processes that marked the development of the country’s current cybersecurity architecture, highlighting the tensions which arose with the introduction of the agenda as a national security priority. The description of the cybersecurity governance ecosystem in Brazil opens up new avenues for the identification of solid opportunities for cooperation between different sectors inherently involved in the construction of this agenda — as much in the technical field (cryptography and incident response) as in the elaboration of legislation, policies, and awareness.

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