Altering the Narrative and the Narrators to Overcome Norms and Stereotypes

  • Citation: Cotton Corl, Amelia, Wazhma Frogh, and Ann Towns. "Altering the Narrative and the Narrators to Overcome Norms and Stereotypes." In Untapped Power: Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion for Conflict and Development, ed. Carla Koppell (Oxford University Press, 2022), 490-515.
    • Topics:
    • Reframing IR and Development
    • Keywords:
    • diversity
    • inclusion
    • norms
    • control over narrative
    • marginalization
    • Afghanistan
    • empowerment
    • women
    • peace
  • The Taliban Are Wrecking Ashura Too

    O’Donnell, Lynne. 2022. “The Taliban Are Wrecking Ashura Too.” Foreign Policy. August 8.

    • Open Source Results
    • Authors with Diverse Backgrounds
    Keywords: Shia, Taliban, Afghanistan, religious minorities, Ashura
  • Misogyny in ‘post-war’ Afghanistan: the changing frames of sexual and gender-based violence

    Ahmad, Lida, and Priscyll Anctil Avoine. “Misogyny in ‘Post-War’ Afghanistan: The Changing Frames of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence.” Journal of Gender Studies 27, no. 1 (2016): 86–101.

    • Authors with Diverse Backgrounds