British and Soviet Women in the Military Campaign of 1939-45: A Comparative Review

  • Citation: Zalietok, Nataliia. ‚ÄúBritish and Soviet Women in the Military Campaign of 1939‚Äì45: A Comparative Review.‚Äù Marine Corps University Journal, 2018.
    • Topics:
    • Great Power Conflict
    • Keywords:
    • Western Europe
    • United Kingdom
    • Soviet Union
    • women in combat
    • World War II
    • United Kingdom
    • Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
    • USSR
    • democracy
    • totalitarianism
    • combat
    • gender stereotypes
    • gender integration
    • armed forces and women

This article investigates women’s participation in the Second World War in the United Kingdom and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), which represent democratic and totalitarian regimes, respectively. The article shows differences in women’s participation in the auxiliary organizations, armed forces, air forces, antiaircraft divisions, naval forces, and intelligence ser-vices. The goal of this research is to determine the similarities and differences between these two countries’ policies concerning women’s engagement in the military and their society’s attitude toward female combatants.

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