Combatting Human Trafficking in East Asia: Mind the Gaps

  • Citation: Trajano, Julius Cesar. "Combatting Human Trafficking in East Asia: Mind the Gaps." ILO (2014): 5
    • Topics:
    • Human Rights
    • Keywords:
    • East Asia
    • law enforcement
    • slavery
    • modern slavery
    • intra-regional trafficking
    • sexual exploitation
    • corruption
    • victim protection
    • counter-trafficking

Despite the ratification of global and regional anti-trafficking frameworks and enactment of relevant national laws, human trafficking remains an endemic security problem in East Asia, threatening states and societies. Two-thirds or 25 million of global trafficking victims were identified to be in the region. This NTS Insight briefly reviews the current regional trends and patterns of human trafficking in East Asia. It demonstrates that robust legal frameworks, while absolutely important, are not sufficient to eradicate and prevent human trafficking. It primarily analyses three fundamental issues that impede effective law enforcement and the eradication of human trafficking in East Asia: (1) weak law enforcement capacity of states; (2) the persistent corruption-trafficking nexus; and (3) limited support services and protection assistance for victims. It highlights the importance of developing and adopting a victim-centered approach in order to make anti-trafficking efforts more holistic and effective.

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