Discrimination and Prejudice in Development

  • Citation: Monga, Célestin. “Discrimination and Prejudice in Development.” Brookings Institution, July 15, 2020.
    • Topics:
    • Reframing IR and Development
    • Keywords:
    • development industry
    • aid
    • prejudice
    • racism

Prejudice and racism are still too common across Africa—often within the same ethnic groups Superficial differences in physical appearances or cultural background are too often exploited by cynical political entrepreneurs to build constituencies, create conflicts among poor communities, position themselves for rents and state capture, and generate what I have called in my work negative social capital. The weaponization of ethnicity in particular carries heavy implications for economic transformation and the collective quest for prosperity and social peace. Addressing these issues would improve the quality of public policies, and foster growth and social inclusion.

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