Mainstreaming Gender in International Organizations

Women and Gender Equity in Development Theory and Practice: Institutions, Resources, and Mobilization
  • Citation: Jaquette, Jane S., and Gale Summerfield. Women and Gender Equity in Development Theory and Practice Institutions, Resources, and Mobilization. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2006.
    • Topics:
    • Human Rights
    • Keywords:
    • international organizations
    • international development
    • gender equity

Seeking to catalyze innovative thinking and practice within the field of women and gender in development, editors Jane S. Jaquette and Gale Summerfield have brought together scholars, policymakers, and development workers to reflect on where the field is today and where it is headed. The contributors draw from their experiences and research in Latin America, Asia, and Africa to illuminate the connections between women’s well-being and globalization, environmental conservation, land rights, access to information technology, employment, and poverty alleviation.

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