Navigating Modernity: Postcolonialism, Identity, and International Relations

  • Citation: Paolini, Albert J. Navigating modernity: Postcolonialism, identity, and international relations. Lynne Rienner Publishers, 1999.
    • Topics:
    • IR Theories
    • Keywords:
    • Sub-Saharan Africa
    • North-South relations
    • culture
    • identity
    • hybridity
    • globalization
    • consumption of modernity

Placing the debate squarely within the discipline of international relations, Albert Paolini assesses the key personal and political dimensions of postcolonialism—one of the major political and cultural issues of the current era. Paolini is concerned with the connections among postcolonialism, globalization, and modernity, and he offers one of the first detailed statements of those connections to be undertaken in the field of IR. Focusing on the Third World, and particularly sub-Saharan African, he questions dominant notions of identity and subjectivity in the social sciences

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