Race, Gender, and Culture in International Relations

Postcolonial Perspectives
  • Citation: Randolph B. Persaud & Alina Sajed (eds.), Race, Gender, and Culture in International Relations: Postcolonial Perspectives. Routledge, 2018.
    • Topics:
    • Human Rights
    • Keywords:
    • IR theory
    • Internationa Relations theory
    • war
    • global inequality
    • postcolonialism
    • nation
    • nationalism
    • indigeneity
    • sexuality
    • celebrity humanitarianism
    • religion

International relations theory has broadened out considerably since the end of the Cold War. Topics and issues once deemed irrelevant to the discipline have been systematically drawn into the debate and great strides have been made in the areas of culture/identity, race, and gender in the discipline. However, despite these major developments over the last two decades, currently there are no comprehensive textbooks that deal with race, gender, and culture in IR from a postcolonial perspective. This textbook fills this important gap.

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