Race, Migration and Neoliberalism: Distorted Notions of Romani Migration in European Public Discourses

  • Citation: Kóczé, Angéla. "Race, migration and neoliberalism: distorted notions of Romani migration in European public discourses." Social Identities 24.4 (2018): 459-473.
    • Topics:
    • IR Theories
    • Keywords:
    • migration
    • racialization
    • Roma
    • neoliberalism
    • anti-Gypsyism

This article analyzes the migration of Roma based on recent public, academic, policy and political debates in connection with two specific case studies in France and Italy. Moreover, it aims to understand how contemporary racialized discourses and neoliberal social and political forces (re)create Roma as a racialized internal ‘other’ to legitimize subtle anti-Romani politics in Europe. By doing that, it argues that the current migration of Roma cannot be understood apart from the proliferation of the hegemonic neoliberal ideology that facilitates the racialization of Roma and normalizes their social exclusion in Europe. Moreover, it explores the role of neoliberalism in the racialization and subjugation of Roma in Europe.

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