Rights Beyond Borders

The Global Community and the Struggle over Human Rights in China
  • Citation: Foot, Rosemary. Rights beyond borders: The global community and the struggle over human rights in China. OUP Oxford, 2000.
    • Topics:
    • Human Rights
    • Keywords:
    • East Asia
    • China
    • global community
    • UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC)

Over the five decades since the establishment of the UN Charter and Universal Declaration of Human Rights, human rights issues have become a dominant feature of the international system, embracing new actors, eroding the traditional Westphalian concept of sovereignty, and leading to an acceptance that the treatment of individuals and groups within domestic societies is legitimately a focus of global attention. This book examines the affect that this normative evolution has had on the individual, state, institutional and advocacy network behaviour. Having described this normative environment it assesses its impact on key actors’ relationships with China, especially in the period since the Tiananmen bloodshed in June 1989. It also examines China’s responses–international and internal–to being the focus of global attention in this issue area. The book’s theoretical concerns are to uncover the conditions under which international human rights norms influence behaviour, including domestic changes within states, and about the operation of norms in the global system.

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