Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar: Seeking Justice for the “Stateless”

  • Citation: Ahsan Ullah, A. K. “Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar: Seeking Justice for the “Stateless.” Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice 32, no. 3 (2016): 285–301.
    • Topics:
    • Country and Regional Studies
    • Keywords:
    • Myanmar
    • Burma
    • Rohingya
    • persecution
    • Rohingya genocide
    • human rights
    • injustice
    • stateless persons

This article argues that Rohingyas in Myanmar have been deliberately excluded by its government. The claims of the government and political leaders that Rohingyas are illegal migrants could no way be justified due to the clear fact that they have been a part of long history of Burma. Due to the exclusionary policies, this population group has been systematically marginalized, persecuted, deprived of basic rights, and abused. Available protection space for Rohingya refugees in the region has become extremely volatile due to the reluctance to sign the 1951 Convention and a lack of national legal frameworks in most southeast Asian countries. Despite political pressure from the international community and local activists groups calling for the government to stop the violence, there is no sign to end the violence.