Social Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics: Does Social Equal Ethical?

  • Citation: Chell, Elizabeth, Laura J. Spence, Francesco Perrini, and Jared D. Harris. “Social Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics: Does Social Equal Ethical?” Journal of Business Ethics 133 (2016): 619–25.
    • Topics:
    • Business and Trade
    • Keywords:
    • social entrepreneurship
    • ethics
    • social innovation
    • scaling

This editorial to the special issue addresses the often overlooked question of the ethical nature of social enterprises. The emerging social entrepreneurship literature has previously been dominated by enthusiasts who fail to critique the social enterprise, focusing instead on its distinction from economic entrepreneurship and potential in solving social problems. In this respect, we have found through the work presented herein that the relation between social entrepreneurship and ethics needs to be problematized. Further, we find that a range of conceptual lenses and methodological approaches is valuable as the social entrepreneurship field matures.

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