Standing on the Shoulders of Giants': Diversity and Scholarship in Intelligence Studies

  • Citation: Puyvelde, Damien Van, and Sean Curtis. “'Standing on the Shoulders of Giants': Diversity and Scholarship in Intelligence Studies.” Intelligence and National Security 31, no. 7 (2016): 1040–54.
    • Topics:
    • Conflict and Security
    • Keywords:
    • intelligence studies
    • diversity
    • scholars
    • research
    • authorship

This study takes stock of the field of Intelligence Studies thanks to a quantitative review of all the articles published in the two main journals in the field: Intelligence and National Security and the International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence. Particular attention is paid to the diversity of the authors publishing in these two journals and the evolution of the issues they discuss. Publications in the field are widely authored by males based in the United States and the United Kingdom who write about Western intelligence and security organizations. Recent years have seen a slight diversification in the field but further efforts will be necessary to develop a more eclectic body of researchers and research on intelligence and national security.

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