Strategies for Research in Constructivist International Relations

  • Citation: Klotz, Audie, and Cecelia Lynch. Strategies for research in constructivist international relations. ME Sharpe, 2007.
    • Topics:
    • IR Theories
    • Keywords:
    • constructivism
    • applying the constructivist approach in research

Constructivism’s basic premise – that individuals and groups are shaped by their world but can also change it – may seem intuitively true. Yet this process-oriented approach can be more difficult to apply than structural or rational choice frameworks. Based on their own experiences and exemplars from the IR literature, well-known authors Audie Klotz and Cecelia Lynch lay out concepts and tools for anyone seeking to apply the constructivist approach in research. Written in jargon-free prose and relevant across the social sciences, this book is essential for anyone trying to sort out appropriate methods for empirical research.

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