The Importance of Being Ironic: A Postcolonial View on Critical International Relations Theory

  • Citation: Krishna, Sankaran. "The importance of being ironic: A postcolonial view on critical international relations theory." Alternatives 18.3 (1993): 385-417.
    • Topics:
    • IR Theories
    • Keywords:
    • ogocentrism
    • Iraq War
    • postmodern amnesia
    • politics of subjectivity

In opposition such as meaning/form, soul/body, intuition/expression, literal/metaphorical, nature/culture, intelligible/sensible, positive/negative, transcendental/empirical, serious/nonserious, the superior term belongs to the logos and is a higher presence; the inferior term marks a fall. Logocentrism thus assumes the priority of the first term and conceives the second in relation to it, as a complication, a negation, a manifestation, a disruption of the first.

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