The "Man" Question in International Relations

  • Citation: Zalewski, Marysia, and Jane Parpart. The "Man" Question in International Relations. London: Routledge, 1998.
    • Topics:
    • Reframing IR and Development
    • Keywords:
    • masculinities
    • international relations
    • gender politics
    • Gulf War
    • military
    • Panama

Originally published in 1998, The “Man” Question in International Relations looks the prevalence of man in the world of international relations. The book argues that, focusing on women as a way of changing the gender of international relations can position women as “the problem.” The authors of this book suggest that the problem is not “woman” but “man.” Rather than highlighting the absences and presence of women in the theories and practices of international relations, the authors concentrate on questioning the practices of masculinities, the hegemony of men, and the subject of “man.” In this way, they hope to destabilize the field in ways that “adding women and stirring” has not.

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