Threats, Vulnerability, Resilience and Displacement Among the Climate Change and Natural Disaster-affected People in South-East Asia: An Overview

  • Citation: M. Rezaul Islam & Niaz Ahmed Khan (2018) Threats, vulnerability, resilience and displacement among the climate change and natural disaster-affected people in South-East Asia: an overview, Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy, 23:2, 297-323,
    • Topics:
    • Transnational Issues
    • Keywords:
    • South-East Asia
    • South-East Asia
    • climate change
    • natural disasters
    • socio-economic threats

This paper attempts to unfold the dynamics and nature of the socioeconomic threats and livelihood resilience among the climate change and natural disaster affected people in the South-East Asia. The study captures the nature of the socio-economic threats of the climate change and natural disasters, and unearths the process and underlying causes of livelihood resilience among the local communities in the South-East Asian region. Based on a qualitative interpretative meta-synthesis, it finds that a huge number of people in the South-East Asian countries are displaced and migrated from place of origin, and subjected to resettlement elsewhere with manifestly low level of livelihood resilience. This displacement is largely determined by the underlying vulnerability of people to shocks that compel them to leave their homes and livelihoods for mere survival. The article concludes by offering selected policy lessons, and with an exhortation for further research on this relatively less explored subject.

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