Toward Gender and LGBT Equality in the Serbian Armed Forces

  • Citation: Rokvic, Vanja, and Svetlana Stanarevic. “Toward Gender and LGBT Equality in the Serbian Armed Forces.” Women's Studies International Forum 55 (2016): 26–34.
    • Topics:
    • Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding
    • Keywords:
    • Eastern Europe
    • Serbia
    • Serbian Armed Forces (SAF)
    • SSR
    • LGBT population
    • sexual orientation
    • inclusion

This article focuses on gender equality in the Serbian Armed Forces (SAF), discussing both gender equality and sexual orientation equality (LGBT equality). Based on the examination of researches and other data, this article concludes that despite the positive shifts granting women the right to military education and professional military service, women continue to be a minority in the SAF. The article further concludes that while there is no official discriminatory policy as regards the admission of members of the LGBT population to the armed forces in Serbia, the few researches into this issue have revealed deeply ingrained views according to which the presence of homosexuals in the armed forces compromises cohesion and leads to unit conflict and division. Finally, the article concludes that a social context ruled by stereotypes and negative attitudes is not conducive to creating conditions for equal opportunity for all, regardless of sex, sexual orientation or gender identity, and that it will take a time before complete equality and diversity are attained in the SAF.

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