Women, Power and Politics in 21st Century Iran

  • Citation: Povey, Tara, and Elaheh Rostami-Povey. Women, Power and Politics in 21st Century Iran. London: Routledge, 2012.
    • Topics:
    • Country and Regional Studies
    • Keywords:
    • Iran
    • revolution
    • women’s movement
    • gender relations
    • development
    • feminism

This book examines the women’s movement in Iran and its role in contesting gender relations since the 1979 revolution. Looking at examples from politics, law, employment, environment, media and religion and the struggle for democracy, this book demonstrates how material conditions have important social and political consequences for the lives of women in Iran and exposes the need to challenge the dominant theoretical perspectives on gender and Islam. A truly fascinating insider’s look at the experiences of Iranian women as academics, political and civil society activists, this book counters the often inaccurate and misleading stereotyping of Iranian women to present a vibrant and diverse picture of these women’s lives. A welcome and unique addition to the vibrant and growing literature on women, Islam, development, democracy and feminisms.

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