Diversity & Inclusion Related Scholarship and Teaching Materials


Source Topic Content for Syllabi and Course Offerings Sources by D&I Professors and Scholars
Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights Gender and Security The syllabi provide resources focusing on gender in conflict, peacebuilding, and international politics.  
The Hallway – Evans School of Public Policy and Governance Case Studies This resource includes case studies focusing on diversity, inclusion, and equity of resources.  
APSA Latino Caucus Collection of Syllabi Latinx Policy and Politics The collection of syllabi focuses on Latinx policy, immigration policy, and politics.  
Women in International Relations by Dr. Anjali Dayal, Dr. Madison Schramm, and Dr. Alexandra Stark Women/Gender and International Security and Global Politics The list of resources includes a section on gender and international relations. Each topic (including IR theory, political psychology, World War II, economic development, and peace/conflict issues) has women scholars and professors as contributors to the source.
Women Also Know Stuff Gender/Women and
Political Science
  #WomenAlsoKnowStuff organizes women scholars by topics such as international politics, conflict studies, human rights, and foreign policy.
Writing Women Back In Gender/Women and
Women of Color
  This article describes the process of creating the Women in International Relations bibliography and and gives background to the citation gap and lack of diversity in syllabi.
People of Color Also Know Stuff People of Color in
Political Science
  The directory includes information and research topics of scholars in order to promote inclusion of people of color in syllabi and citations.
Mulheres Também Sabem Gender/Women
Political Science
International Relations
  (Portuguese) This resource is a directory of women scholars in fields of international relations, human rights, and global politics.
Foreign Policy Interrupted Gender/Women and
Foreign Policy
  This resource lists women experts in foreign policy grouped by country/organization and current topics in the news.
The Brussels Binder Gender/ Women   The search engine groups women experts by issues of European governance, human rights issues, and foreign policy.
American Political Science Association Diversity and Inclusion Resources Diversity and Inclusion The site provides resources such as scholarship information, webinars, and syllabi for diversity and inclusion issues related to gender, sexuality, race, and ethnicity.