Bridging Theory and Practice: Diversity and Inclusion in International Affairs

The Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security (GIWPS) hosted a multi-day symposium focused on advancing diversity and inclusion in international affairs education.

GIWPS’ Ambassador Melanne Verveer and distinguished fellow Carla Koppell convened policymakers, practitioners and academics to discuss their commitment to enhancing diversity and inclusion in higher education. Through a series of workshops and in-depth discussions, the symposium participants brainstormed practical strategies to drive inclusive research, teaching, and practice.

The symposium, which culminated in a public reception hosted by the Embassy of Norway, was part of Koppell’s broader initiative to retool global affairs education. Her work includes facilitating the University Leadership Council (ULC), which is composed of deans and professors from over 17 universities around the nation. In conjunction with the symposium, the ULC launched its Call to Action, a series of recommendations and best practices for fostering diversity and inclusion. This Call to Action welcomes additional sign-ons from deans, directors, professors and scholars in global affairs education in the US and around the world.