Gender Justice Colloquium

GIWPS’ Dr. Jeni Klugman and Matt Moore presented at the Georgetown Gender+ Justice Initiative’s third annual Fall Colloquium on Gender Justice Research. Continuing a dialogue begun last year across departments and campuses, the Gender+ Justice Initiative (GJI) invited faculty from across the University to come together to share work and discuss further opportunities for interdisciplinary conversations on issues of sex, gender, sexuality, feminism, intersectionality, and inequality. GIWPS presented on intimate partner violence: enabling access to justice in conflict-affected states.

According to the World Bank, more than one-billion women worldwide lack legal protection from intimate partner violence (IPV). This problem is acute in conflict-affected states, where rates of IPV are high and legal institutions are often weak or non-existent. The presentation explored mechanisms to enable access to justice for IPV victims in conflict-affected states.