Women’s Informal Involvement in Peace Processes

GIWPS hosted a symposium for top scholars, policy makers and practitioners on women’s informal involvement in peace processes.

Women play a critical role in formal peace processes, and working to expand their roles as participants and mediators in formal negotiations remains vital. Women are far more present in Track Two peace (informal) processes, but their roles and participation in this way have been the subject of more limited research. 

This day-long workshop at Georgetown University brought together experts to share developments, to present innovative programs and new research, and to brainstorm new directions for policy and practice on supporting women’s meaningful participation in peace processes and strengthening the connections between Track Two and Track One.

Experts in the field from the United States, Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia were selected to participate, as well as representatives from a number of key international organizations. Among other topics, practitioners shared experiences from sitting at (or near) the negotiation table; policy experts discussed how peace processes are being implemented with civil society organizations on the ground; and academics discussed upcoming or ongoing research, and ways to conduct academically rigorous research in a field with considerable evidentiary gaps.

This workshop was part of an ongoing thematic Bridging Theory and Practice series. As a policy-and practice-oriented Institute, our goal was to facilitate in-depth discussion and thoughtful exchange between “thinkers” and “doers” to further common goals and interests.