Georgetown Classes on Gender & International Affairs

Study global issues through a gender lens this Spring! You can use this blog post as a resource for making your course selections for the upcoming semester — click through the course numbers to access the course descriptions and schedule on MyAccess.


WPS Graduate Certificate Courses


Graduate students: take a class with GIWPS this spring! These spring classes can be “grandfathered” into the proposed GIWPS graduate certificate on Gender, Peace and Security, which we hope will be approved and online beginning fall 2020.


Gender, International Security & Development – GOVT 570 – 01

Taught by Affiliate GIWPS Researcher Dr. S. Ayse Kadayifci-Orellana, this course contextualizes gender issues and asks the question: how would we think about international peace, security and development approaches and design intervention strategies if gender was treated a central consideration in international affairs and peacebuilding programming? To answer this question, the class will explore both conceptual considerations related to gender and its practical application. Focusing on practical skills such as conflict sensitive gender analysis, it will examine how to most effectively mainstream gender into policy making and programming related to international peace, security, and development. 


Inclusive Negotiation & Mediation – MSFS 726 

Module: Jan 08, 2020 – Feb 27, 2020

New research finds that inclusive negotiations can lead to enhanced outcomes–but how can this finding inform practice? This class will develop skills including setting up and structuring talks, building diverse teams, engaging stakeholders, and negotiating across cultures. The module explores how the diverse identities and interests of mediators, negotiators, and citizens affect the process and outcome of negotiations. Difficulties for broadening the range of stakeholders at the table will also be addressed alongside and exploration of several case studies of Track 1 and Track 2 peace negotiations; nuclear negotiations; anti-corruption negotiations; and cultural diplomacy.


Gender and US Foreign Policy –  MSFS 724 

Module: Feb 28 – May 09, 2020

This course will challenge conventional notions of women’s roles in foreign policy and explore how masculinity and femininity pervade foreign policy decision-making. New laws, including in the US, require that defense, diplomacy, and development efforts include a gender lens. As such, the class will explore the under-examined roles of women in the US, from World Wars to the present day. The development of feminist foreign policy by Sweden and Canada, as well as trends towards gender sensitive foreign policy around the world will also be examined and discussed.


 Other Gender-Related Courses


Undergraduate Courses


Gender and Sustainability – ENST 350

Professor: Patricia Biermayr-Jenzano


History Focus: Women/Gender in the Middle East – HIST 099

Professor: Judith E Tucker


US Women’s History – HIST 292

Professor: Katherine Benton-Cohen 


Men, Women & Gender in Workplace – MGMT 296

Professor: Marcia P Miceli


Gender, Environment, & Sustainability – STIA 350

Professor: Patricia Biermayr-Jenzano


Seminar in Transgender Issues – SOCI 261

Professor: Kathleen Guidroz


Gender & Sexuality in the Middle East – WGST 231

Professor: Safoura Nourbakhsh


Culture, Medicine, and Gender – WGST 239 

Professor: Theodora Danylevich


Gender and the Law – WGST 251

Professor: Sara Collina


Women in American Politics – WGST 266

Professor: Donna Brazile


Women & Politics – GOVT 329

Professor: Michele Swers


Refugees & Humanitarian Crises – INAF 379

Professors: Elizabeth Ferris, Anne Claire Richard


Phil of Gender, Love, Sex – BLHS 046

Professor: Christian Marchal Golden


Philosophy of Gender – PHIL 194

Professor: Anjana Jacob


Gender and Human Rights – CULP 219 (SFS-Qatar)

Professor: Rajnaara Akhtar


Graduate Courses


Gender/Sexuality/The Body – CCTP 704

Professor: Matthew J Tinkcom


Women & Gender in the Arab World – ARST 532

Professor: Fida Adely


Gender and U.S. Foreign Policy – LAWG 2065

Professors: Rachel B. Vogelstein, Jennifer L. Klein


Women and Immigration – LAWJ 1075

Professors: Alexandra Ribe, Anam Rahman


Intl Women’s Human Rights Clinic – LAWJ 520

Professors: Susan D. Ross, Michelle Xiao Liu


Gender and Sexuality – LAWG 1272

Professor: Naomi J. Mezey


Gender & War – SEST 698 

Professor: Kyleanne Margaret Hunter


Women and Leadership – PPOL 633

Professor: Anne M Cammisa


Women and Leadership – BADM 730

Professor: Hillary Sale


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