GPS Certificate: Previously Adapted Courses


The following courses have been previously adapted to meet the FLEX credit requirements for the GPS Certificate. The student must be able to tailor course assignments to the Certificate by applying a gender lens to security, diplomacy, development, or International Affairs more broadly


GOVT 581: Intro to CR Skills- Systems Thinking, Complexity, and Evidence-based Adaptive Mgmt

GOVT: 573: Human Rights and Conflict Resolution

GOVT 573: Human Rights and Conflict Resolution

GOVX 598: Practicum I & II

GOVX 510: Intersections

GOVT 594: Growth & Extremism in Africa

GOVT 580: Conflict Resolution Theory

PPOL 625: Urban Inequality

INAF 698: Intro to Humanitarian Crises

SEST 637: National Security and Human Rights

LAW 2065: Gender and US Foreign Policy