History of the ULC


The University Leadership Council on Diversity and Inclusion in International Affairs Education was launched in 2018. Academic leaders met throughout the 2018-2019 academic year and 2019-2020 academic years at Georgetown University to discuss strategies for adapting curricula; fostering diversity among faculty, staff, and students; and cultivating an inclusive climate across graduate schools. The Council reviews and discusses research, considers how to increase equity, and examines strategies and tactics that have been successful, as well as those that have disappointed, at their respective institutions.

At the end of its first year, the ULC released its Call to Action, which has been signed by hundreds of academics and scholars from around the world. As the ULC begins its third year, membership has grown, involving exceptional leaders from public and private institutions across the country. This year many of the resources developed for ULC members are being made public, including research summaries, and lists of best practices and tips, so that a larger number of schools and instructors can benefit from the effort.

To complement the work of the Council, leading academics and practitioners were brought together in Bellagio, Italy with the support of the Rockefeller Foundation to begin to develop an edited volume on diversity and inclusion in conflict resolution and development, and to help identify other curricular tools. In July 2019 as part of the effort, GIWPS hosted a “Bridging Theory and Practice” symposium at Georgetown to further advance this critical agenda.