Melissa Shields


Melissa Shields (née Pasos) has over nine years experience in accounting and finance. Prior to joining GIWPS, Melissa was an independent business operations consultant with a variety of clients. Prior to that, she served as the Business Manager for Global Technology Programs at Internews Network. There, she was responsible for managing over $25M in funding annually for programs relating to Internet Freedom, Digital Rights and Digital Safety. She was also responsible for ensuring all agreements and subawards were administered according to US Government (USG) rules and regulations. Previously at Internews, she was responsible for managing the resource sharing process between Internews Network and its European entity, Internews Europe. While in that role, she became familiar with the regulatory requirements of several European government agencies. Prior to joining Internews, Melissa worked with the Secure World Foundation, a foundation committed to promoting the peaceful use of outer space. Melissa holds a Master of Arts in Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs from The American University’s School of International Service and a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs and Political Science from The Florida State University.