Passy Mubalama

On Reporting on Human Rights Violations in the DRC

Passy Mubalama

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Passy Mubalama - on reporting on human rights violations in the DRC

View Passy’s full oral history and transcript at the Georgetown University Library.

Passy Mubalama is the Founder and Executive Director of the Action and Development Initiative for the Protection of Women and Children (AIDPROFEN), a nonprofit organization based in the Democratic Republic of Congo. AIDPROFEN’s founding was inspired by her personal experiences reporting on human rights violations from IDP camps in Goma, and now works to promote women’s rights in the eastern DRC. In addition, she also founded the Education Center on Democracy and Human Rights in the DRC in 2016, which arranges trainings and meetings between the community and local political leaders to progress women’s political engagement. In this interview, Passy reflects on how she started her work in pro-democracy activism and how that led to the founding of AIDPROFEN. She also discusses education as a tool to promote women’s and children’s development in the DRC, as well as the importance of women’s political involvement.

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