Study Gender, Peace, and Security at Georgetown this Fall!

Now, more than ever, the international community recognizes the importance of incorporating a gender lens in peace and security efforts.

From terrorism to migration to climate change, Georgetown University is offering a diverse range of courses this fall that critically examine global affairs through a gender lens. 

You can use this blog post as a resource for Fall 2020 course offerings in gender, peace, and security. Click through class titles to learn more about course descriptions and schedules on MyAccess.


Graduate Courses


Georgetown graduate students: these classes count towards our newly-launched Graduate Certificate in Gender, Peace and Security

GIWPS Courses:


Gender & Terrorism – by GOVT 513-02

Professor: Mehreen Farooq 

This course will address pressing threats to national and international security with an often-overlooked gender lens. We will explore how violent actors manipulate social, economic, political, ideological, or psychological factors to recruit both men and women. The course will also examine women’s roles in stabilization efforts in fragile or violent-extremism affected environments.  


Gender & Security Toolbox – GOVX 536-02

Professors: Carla Koppell and Jessica Smith

This advanced seminar will teach concrete skills, from gender mainstreaming and gender analysis to gender-sensitive budgeting, research, monitoring and evaluation, and advocacy. The course will enable students to capably serve as gender focal points and learn how practitioners have successfully advanced gender in their diplomacy, development, and defense work.

Additional Graduate Courses:


Gender and Migration in Europe – INAF 502

Professor: Patricia Biermayr-Jenzano 

The “feminization” of migration is not a new phenomenon, but existing EU policies have exacerbated the problems of physical insecurity, economic disadvantage and social exclusion confronting female migrants over the last decade. This course analyzes a complicated web of labor migration patterns, refugee flows, family unification trends, asylum policies and human-trafficking challenges intricately connected to globalized production and consumption chains. It addresses the “securitization” of border controls introduced in the wake of the 2015 refugee crisis, relegating women’s rights as human rights to the back burner.


Gender & Environment: Latin America – LASP 427

Professor: Joyce Marie Mushaben

This course is designed to enhance students’ understanding of the interrelation of gender and the environment/agriculture in one of the most urbanized world regions, namely Latin America. The course will review current trends of sustainable development, population growth and its implications for environmental, agricultural and social wellbeing that characterizes and shapes the region today. Additionally, the impact of farming and natural resource management (NRM) in selected sub-regions, and landscapes along with patterns of land use, the role of ecosystem services and sustainable management of resources in Latin America will be explored. 


Undergraduate Courses

GIWPS Course:


Women, Peace & Security –  IPOL 319

Professors: S. Ayse Kadayifci-Orellana and Robert Nagel 

This course will introduce students to the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda and examine the gendered aspects of conflict and peace including the role women play in national and international security, conflict resolution, peacebuilding, and post-conflict recovery. The course will also take a critical look at the implementation of the WPS Agenda to identify gaps and challenges and to develop comprehensive, realistic, and effective responses to overcome these challenges.


Additional Undergraduate Courses on Gender, Peace & Security:


Gender and Migration in Europe – INAF 502

Professor: Joyce Mushaben


Gender & Environment: Lat America – INAF 427

Professor: Patricia Biermayr-Jenzano


Population Gender & Environment – WGST 247

Professor: Patricia Biermayr-Jenzano 


Holocaust: Gender & Racial Ideology – INAF 175/JCIV 175

Professor: Anna Sommer 


Women and Resistance in Russia – WGST 228

Professor: Irina Denischenko


Muslim Women & the West – INAF 397

Professor: Yvonne Haddad 


Gender & Sexuality in the MidEast – WGST 231

Professor: Safoura Nourbakhsh 


Violence/Gender/Human Rights – WGST 260

Professor: You-Me Park 



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