The 2021 Women, Peace and Security Index


Following the mission of the inaugural 2017 index and updated report in 2019, the 2021 WPS Index holistically measures the well-being of women across the world’s countries through generating new index scores and rankings. The WPS Index incorporates three basic dimensions of women’s well-being—inclusion (economic, social, political); justice (formal laws and informal discrimination); and security (at the family, community, and societal levels)—which are captured and quantified through 11 indicators, where a higher score indicates better performance.

The indicators are aggregated at the national level to create a global ranking of countries. In collaboration with the Peace Research Institute of Oslo (PRIO) and with support from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the 2021 report will include new research and interactive data exploration tools to engage a broad audience of readers, and will be launched on international stages in order to pressure policymakers to prioritize women’s wellbeing.