Message from Our Syrian Sisters

Message from Our Syrian Sisters

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Syrian women and girls living as refugees in Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon bravely share how they continue to challenge inequalities and stereotypes in order to realize peace. In this powerful video, four Syrian peace-builders from the #MeWeSyria network open up to share a single message to the world: Syrian women have ambitions and capacities to make change. Share your support and follow Syrian women changemakers of #MeWeSyria #WomenLeadingPeace

Learn more about how we understand and support the unique experiences of adolescent refugee girls through research by Georgetown University’s Institute for Women, Peace and Security.

#MeWeSyria is a refugee-led network that leverages the process of storytelling and interpersonal communications as tools for mental health/psychosocial support and youth-led community building. Share your support for and follow Syrian women changemakers from the #MeWeSyria network by following the hashtag #MeWeSyria. Engage further with #MeWe International’s #MeWeSyria program by liking @mewesyria on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or visiting

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