A Few Good Women: Gender Stereotypes, the Military, and Peacekeeping

Authored by: Gerard J. DeGroot

Categories: Peace Support Operations
Sub-Categories: National Security Forces and Armed Groups, Security Sector Reform (SSR)
Country: United States
Region: North America
Year: 2001
Citation: DeGroot, Gerard J. "A Few Good Women: Gender Stereotypes, the Military, and Peacekeeping." International Peacekeeping 8, no. 2 (2001): 23-38.

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This article explores the core arguments considering whether the presence of women strengthens or weakens a military force. In light of the new role of the military in modern conflict, it argues, the question of gender integration is thrown into even greater confusion. The gender stereotypes which previously acted as a barrier to female participation in war might actually enhance the potential for women in the military of today. Attributes like a gentle nature, conciliatory attitude and the ability to control aggression might make them effective peacekeepers. This article explores the history of the debate over the role of women in the military, and explores the impact women have had over time.