A Guide to Gender-analysis Frameworks

Authored by: Candida March, Ines A. Smyth, and Maitrayee Mukhopadhyay

Categories: The Field of Women, Peace and Security
Sub-Categories: Human Development
Region: No Region
Year: 1999
Citation: March, Candida, Ines A. Smyth, and Maitrayee Mukhopadhyay. A Guide to Gender-analysis Frameworks. Oxfam, 1999.

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Executive Summary

This is a single-volume guide to all the main analytical frameworks for gender-sensitive research and planning. A framework is particularly useful for setting out the different categories of elements and factors to be considered in any analysis, and for drawing attention to the key issues that have to be explored. It may outline a broad set of beliefs and goals, or it may be more prescriptive and give a set of tools and procedures. The guide fills a gap in the literature, being aimed at students of gender and development, and practitioners who wish to compare the frameworks and identify the appropriate one for a specific situation. The book draws on the experience of trainers and practitioners, including step-by-step instructions for using the frameworks, and summaries of advantages and disadvantages in particular situations. Critically, an introductory section places the frameworks in the context of gender-transformatory development and work and research, emphasizing that a tool is not a substitute for commitment. This book is unique in its focus on gender-analysis frameworks, intended for both students and practitioners, rooted in the grassroots experience of trainers and practitioners, and is clear and practical.