Australia’s National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security

2014 Second Annual Civil Society Report Card

Authored by: Susan Hutchinson and Katrina Lee-Koo

Categories: The Field of Women, Peace and Security
Sub-Categories: Democratization and Political Participation, International Agreements, International Law, National Action Plans, National Security Forces and Armed Groups, Security Sector Reform (SSR)
Country: Australia
Region: East Asia and the Pacific
Year: 2014
Citation: Hutchinson, Susan and Katrina Lee-Koo. Australia's National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security: 2014 Second Annual Civil Society Report Card. Annual Civil Society Dialogue Steering Committee, 2014.

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Executive Summary

The purpose of this second Annual Civil-Society Report Card provides an analysis of the government’s WPs activities for the past year against the NAP’s obligations and last year’s civil society recommendations. These recommendations draw from the expert perceptions of civil society. They are designed to further discussion between Government and civil society, and frame best practice regarding WPS activities. The Report Card also provides recommendations on how the Government can progress the NAP in the next twelve months. It begins with an overview of the key recommendations, followed by a summary report card. It then moves into detailed analysis firstly of each strategy, then of each government department, and concludes with recommendations for the upcoming Interim Review. The goal of the Report Card is to promote an ongoing collaborative government-civil society culture that is committed to mainstreaming the values of the WPS agenda into all of Australia’s peace and security activities.